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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning are important to keep trees healthy and attractive by shaping branches and removing dead ones. Our tree trimming and pruning services also serve to reduce hazards, improve structural integrity and eliminate the spread of disease.

The season in which a tree should be trimmed varies by the type of tree and improper technique can do more harm than good to your trees.  Here at Hidden Hollow Acres, we can help determine the type of trees you have and the best time of the year for trimming. By setting up prescheduled appointments you can ensure that your trees will be trimmed during the exact time of the year that is right for them by experts trained in proper tree trimming and pruning techniques.

Tree Removal

Whether a storm has knocked over your tree, a disease has taken it, need to put in an addition or new deck, or just want to add more light to your yard you can count on Hidden Hollow Acres to do it safely for you.  Removing a tree safely is as much a science as it is an art form. Each member of our staff is a qualified tree expert. You can have the comfort of knowing that your home or office and the surrounding structures will be well protected during the tree removal process.

100% of our recovered wood chips are recycled for mulch or for use as an alternative fuel.

Stump Grinding

Leaving a tree stump after tree removal can produce a safety hazard. Hidden Hollow Acres recommends stump grinding as the safest, most efficient way to remove a tree stump. Stump grinding not only eliminates a safety hazard but also reduces the environmental impact on surrounding areas when compared to pulling the stump or using excavation equipment.

Storm Damage and Emergency Services

Catastrophic weather events require an immediate response with readily available equipment, trained personnel, and an organized management plan that provides safety and logistical support.

Our crews are experienced, equipped, and trained to work around downed power lines and in extreme weather condition services. These services are critical to re-opening roads and highways, restoring power, protecting the environment and community, and reducing the environmental impact.

Landscaping Services

Mulching & Edging

Your landscape is the first thing people see whether you’re a home or business the appearance outside is what makes people feel welcome or want to run away.  Proper mulching around beds is vital not only to your outside look but also to the integrity of your structure. Often inexperienced or DIY projects place mulching too close to foundations causing water to enter.  

Seasonal Plantings

The proper time to plant is 



Replacing an old one or installing a new patio is a great way to experience the outdoors from the comfort of your home.  Whether you want to entertain or just provide a solid service for a grill or patio set, a hardscaped patio offers a timeless look for all.


Replacing an old worn-out walkway or installing a new one Hidden Hollow Acres can help you in your next project!

Retaining Walls

More than just for looks retaining walls help keep different levels of land in their place.  Improper installation of a retaining wall can cause failures that can become costly including damage to your home.  Make sure you hire somebody with the expertise to ensure your retaining wall is done right the first time.


Relaxing outside is made even better when you have a custom stone firepit.  Roasting marshmallows with your kids or just enjoying the night air with your family or friends sitting around a fire adds a feature element to your home that brings both financial value and personal. 

Snow Removal

Residential or Business


Residential or Business


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